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Chapter President
Marty Horecka
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Vice President
Dave Davis
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Marty Anderson
Al & Marilyn Polzin
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Public Relations Officer
Elaine Davis

January & February
 Outing 2018

Alamo Winnies
Chapter Of
innebago Industries Travelers

San Antonio, Texas

Our Mission

"The Alamo Winnies have a great formula for fun filled and adventurous get

 togethers: campgrounds with clubhouses for meetings,pot luck meals, games, movie

nights, and getting out of the weather. Each gathering includes a Cook's night out.

There's daily social hours in the afternoon at a member's campsite and our canine

members are invited.  We also invite guest speakers and go on excursions to
local points of interest."

January & February Newsletter

The New Year started off busy for the Alamo Winnies.  We hosted the January 2018 quarterly Texas W rally which was held in Bandera Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World.  Over 35 rigs gathered at the Skyline RV Park for the weekend festivities.  The Winnies cooked up a hearty breakfast of scrambled egg casseroles and biscuits and gravy.  People needed a good breakfast before heading out to explore the town and surrounding areas.  Several people went to the Bandera Natural History Museum and reported it was one of the best they’d ever seen.   Saturday evening there was a chili cook-off with five clubs entering their best chili.  But the voting made it pretty clear that the Alamo Winnie’s had the best chili by far.  Thanks Dave Davis for spending the day slaving over an open campfire to cook it up!  We knew you could do it!  The weather was great but the comradery was what made the time fun for everyone!

In February the Winnies stayed a little close to home, spending a long weekend at the Braunig Lake RV Resort.  The weather once again favored us.  We had a little fog, a little drizzle, a little rain, but mostly sunshine so we could sit outside and solve all the world’s problems.  A group took a tour of the nearby Toyota factory arranged by the Anderson’s.  Regretfully no one was able to slip a new Tundra or Tacoma in their back pocket to bring home with them.   Saturday dinner included ribs and brisket provided by the White’s and Anderson’s and everyone else provided the sides.  Jennefer, you are sooo bad for our diets!  What evening isn’t complete without some fun?  We played some Trash (15 cents a person, so no one went broke) and we also played some Jenga with the blocks provided by the Davis’s (Elaine’s son, Kris, made the blocks for her birthday).  We built it so high some of the height-challenged participants needed help from the taller players to place blocks on the top.  We welcomed some new members (Paul and Linda) and hope they come back again and again.  We also had our first ever non-motorized Winnebago join our group, a Minnie Drop, brought by Joy (another one of our new members).  Of course all the guys had to help her set it up since it was her first time ever taking it out on the road (question: how many men does it take to hook up water hose?  Answer: a lot).

It’s on to Medina Lake in March!

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