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Christmas 2016 Party Photos

Alamo Winnies
Chapter Of
innebago Industries Travelers

San Antonio, Texas

Our Mission

"To enrich our lives through the building

of friendships, the enjoyment of food,

and the exploration of Texas."

Story of the September Outing:

Alamo Winnies Break the Mold

 Historically, the Alamo Winnies have had a good formula for successful monthly gatherings: campground with a clubhouse for meeting, meals, games, movie night, and getting out of the weather, meals done as a group for Cook’s night out at a restaurant one night and covered dish dinner another night, other meals on own or in town, and activities of outdoor games or cards indoors when the mood moves some. September 14-17, 2016, the Alamo Winnies broke out of their norm in multiple ways this month’s gathering and had spectacular fun. After a record setting rainy August, the Alamo Winnies gambled that the weather was going to be with them as they did a true “campout” at S Llano State Park without a club house available. What fun we had!!!

 Weather was outstandingly to our favor without rain, but a bit warm. Sunny with scattered clouds helped cool things off afternoons. We did a cool bird watching walk  one morning and had our meeting outdoors the next morning. Afternoons the club enjoyed R&R of ladder ball and 2x4 Jenga (truly 2x4 wood blocks) in the shade of the oaks while others napped or read, or kept up with the football scores for everyone else... Moving as the shade and light breezes moved us. Limited phone service facilitated many stories and enjoyment of each other’s company… all the while the pets enjoyed the a/c and asked to go back in when brought out by their “parents”...and some would call us crazy for having $$$ RV’s for our pets’ comfort!

 We celebrated a 70th birthday with Strawberry Happy B-Day message and Sticky bun “cake” for Marty Anderson! Had great bar-b-que at Lum’s in Junction, TX. Enjoyed well done hotdog and burger cookouts two nights thanks to hosts JoAnn and Larry Ryon and abundance of sides by the members. One thing this group can do is put on a great spread!

Group’s memories:

     Maiden voyage in a new rig...Whites downsized from 36 to 24. Journey to View 524G…
     Drone flights
     Host: This was so easy to do! Everyone helps, doesn't demand much, and all chip in.
     Coopers: (new members as of this spring) This was a new attempt? It went so well!
     Strawberry beer...oops! Thought it was the last beer...but was strawberry Soda accidentally poured into the   beer.
     The bird walk!
     The wildlife we saw! Deer and fawns, armadillo scouting the campground and trails, wild pig, fox, jack  rabbits, hummingbird, axis!
     The wide variety of ways to play Jenga…. Take it down and rebuild as each block is removed.                          Everyone helped each other and cheered as each block was removed successfully.
     Awesome coordination of 10 rigs by JoAnn through the State Park people.
     Green in September in west Texas!

 Conclusion… breaking away from traditional group gathering formulas is worth doing a couple times a year! Even when done in areas of little phone and tech access. Reminds us of why we got into RV’ing! Just look at the fun, people, and nature that was enjoyed! The group is planning more.

Martha J. Davis 

Alamo Winnies Members

Alamo Members

Alamo Winnies 2017 Meeting Schedule

Date Location Contact
November 1 - 5
Parkview Riverside
Concan, TX 
November 29 -
December 3, 2017
Oakwood RV Park
Fredericksburg, TX

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